About Fosun Stone

Fosun is an independent, fast-growing manufacturer and trading company with over 15 years of experience in the stone industry. We offer a wide range of natural stone including but not limited to granite, bluestone, basalt, marble, travertine, limestone and sandstone.

Sourced from all over the country and all around the globe, the wide range of quality natural stones at Fosun has everything you could want. we have versatile granite materials with each one having its own natural texture marking, graceful and varied bluestone, elegantly veined marble, antique and rustic travertine.

Natural stone offers a timeless and uniquely natural look, it makes sure that you will achieve varying surfaces in stone flooring, paving or walling,and stand up to wear and tear.

We work closely with our clients in selecting a material which best suits their needs. Our focus is custom designed natural stone products including pavers, pool coping, stair treads, palisades, block steps, wall blocks, curbs / edge stones, cube cobblestones, pebble stones, etc.

Contact us and enquire about our extensive range of quality stone flooring, pool coping, paving, walling and other products. Our stone products can be purchased through your house builder, pool builder, general builder or landscaping contractor. However, if you plan to purchase your own stone directly from us, we will happily sell to you from China

Rich product range

We offer an extensive range stone material which includes granite, bluestone, basalt, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx, slate, quartz (artificial stone), etc.

These stone materials have been developed by our specialist into boutique stone products for residential, commercial, and municipal projects, including a broad range of products: stone pavers, pool coping pavers, wall and pier caps, stone fencing palisades, steppers/block steps, stair treads, curbs / edge stones / garden edging stones, wall cladding panels, flooring tiles, wall block stones, cube cobblestones, pebble stones, stone mosaics, patterned stone borders and stone mosaic pictures, etc., These products are used for pool surrounds, spas and water features, paths, patios, floors, walls, driveways and other landscaping and architectural projects, both indoors and outdoors.

The company also offers other stone products in different formats for individual requirement, contact us today if you have any interest in our stone supply or styles.

Partner with Fosun Stone

Our team is experienced in working one-on-one with our clients to find just the right stone for your project and supply it in a convenient and cost-effective way to suit our customers’ requirements whether material purchasing, product designing, manufacturing and delivering on tailor-made trading terms.

We supply large volumes of traditional standard products, so we can supply universal products up to your requirements immediately. Meanwhile, due to the strong links that have been forged with our long-term allies and partners in recent years, we can cater for orders from small custom-made requirements to large quantities of product in a timely manner.

All products are made in China from only the selected raw materials available. Selected natural stone will enhance your project while providing high performance, durability and low-cost maintenance. The products come in bespoke size, shape or finish, after preparing detailed drawings, we source and selected the stone that suits your exact requirements best.

Everyone is welcome to contact The Fosun Stone Company for information, we welcome your business enquiries and are very happy to see customers and partners in person.

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